HAIR LOSS & hair extensions 



 For people who suffer from:
  • Hair Thinning.
  • Bold Patches.
  • Hair Breakage.
  • Chemical Damage.
  • Alopecia.
What is a T-Part
  A T-Part is a unique top hair extension used to add    volume, hide hair loss and receding hair lines. They made with 100% human remy hair.
  They can be either taped in place or worn as clip on. They are custom coloured and cut to match your hair  style.




T-Part 20cm. (Medium)                         €450.00
T-Part 20cm. (Extra Large)                    €500.00
T-Part 40cm. (Extra Large)                    €550.00
Pre-Bonded Volume Booster from:            €180
These pieces are HSE approved - Medical card grant of €560 available. 
We look forward to welcoming you for a discreet complementary consultation. Covered by Health Insurance!
Private consultation for Men & Women to guarantee your comfort and ensure we can do our very best to cover your needs - treating you with privacy, compassion and all the empathy you deserve in dealing with the above issues.

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